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Gain Access to Private Equity, Real Estate, and Passive Income with Minimized Risks

We provide investors and entrepreneurs access to off-market investments and guide them on how to minimize risk and the opportunity to outperform traditional markets

The 3 Differentiators for Successful Investing
  (2 min Video)

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"How to Find the Real Deal and Avoid Typical Pit Falls"

Losing money... It hurts (badly)!

We as investors know the feeling: From initial shock to the struggle for recovery and the sobering realization of "If Only I'd Known"

Missing Access

It's challenging to access attractive investments, and networking can be time-consuming.

100% Capital-Risk 

Most deals put invested capital at a 100% risk, but critical risks are often undisclosed.

The (real) Worst-Case

The deal going south makes the impossible happen, too late to minimize risks.

What if you had complete transparency in every deal? You'd likely sidestep the pitfalls and concentrate on the winners, don't you think?

Why not focus (first) on the risks of great investments? To understand and create individual strategies to minimize them? That is exactly what we gonna do during the Deep-Dive.

Imagine, You Get Access to Off-Market Investments,
Pre-Selected by Risk Minimization (...and Low Minimums)

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  • Get Access

    It all starts by surrounding yourself with like-minded people within your niche and never stop expanding your network. 

  • The (real) Worst Case

    To have an exciting deal is a good start. Drill down until you get the REAL Worst Case, before the deal goes south...

  • Secure the Investment

    The most relevant now is to minimize risk and secure capital. 

    Let's meet and I will show you how this can work for your next deal too.

3 Off-Market Investments, Which Can Be Interesting

And yes, there are more asset classes and more unique opportunities to explore

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OpenAI (Private Equity Deal)

Why to invest into the creator of Chat GPT and AI? 

Do you belong to one of the 180.5million users then you have experienced the power of AI. The final question is, how are the odds for OpenAI growing to the most valueable companys world-wide...


FairFlow (Passive Income Deal)

A revolution of high-return Passive Income. What makes FairFlow unique is the minimized risk of 1.5%. Your funds stay in your accounts. Fair enough?

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Swiss Real Estate  (Several Deals)

The Real Estate Market is changing worldwide. The Revenue Models as well and along with it the investment opportunities with attractive and stable returns. Even though there are lucrative deals to participate in...  

The Deep-Dive is free of charge and you will get...

Huge Hilton

Philipp Pagels with Huge Hilton in Miami

1 - Market Trends

Which trends are dominating markets right now? Which asset classes are impacted and how to benefit? We will dive into it

2 - Asset Classes

Is it interesting to you how institutional investors outperform traditional markets for decades? (and how you can too?) There is one answer.

4 - Risk Assessment

100% transparency policy! Get to know all the risks related to the asset class (and the real worst-case of each single deal)

3 - Risk-Minimization

Let's delve into my favorite topic and find out what we did to reduce the risk exposure and possibilities to secure your investment.

5 - Get Access

Gain access to off-market opportunities in Private Equity, Real-Estate or Passive Income. Plus: Access to my personal investor community. 

And those are ONLY the most important 5 things we cover during the deep dive...

My Personal Portfolio of Alternative Investments

Credibility means in the investment world a lot. That's why I want to take the chance to share some deals I did during my investor journey.

Real Estate (Residential Properties)

Real estate in Germany was my start in the world of investing...

2017 - 2 apartments close to Frankfurt am Main (buy and hold)

2018 - 5 unit multi-family home (sold 2023)

2019 - 6 unit multi-family home (sold 2023)

Private Equity Deals

Access to global investment groups changed everything...

2020/2021 - (preparing IPO)

2021 - ViCare Solutions AG (on going)

Private Debt

2019: Mezzanine Capital -Real Estate Investment (done)

Passive Income Investments

2021-2022: Grateful Shift (A hard learning,... for how to almost eliminate risk for the model of FairFlow)

2021: Berformance (on going)

2022: TTT (on going)

2023: FairFlow (on going)


Other Alternative Investments

2017: Buy and Hold Crypto Currencies (on going)

2022: Hollywood Movie "Hair of the Dog" with Gerard Butler (done)

2022: Private Placement Program (done)

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3 Easy Steps to Get Access...

Step 1

Schedule Your Free Deep-Dive to Get Access to Off-Market Deals in Private Equity, Passive Income and Real Estate.

Step 2

Attend the Deep-Dive to Receive Deal Insights and How to Minimize Investing Risks.

Step 3

Sleep over it... yes, we encourage everybody to take some time and think before making a decision

Track-Record: 37,4% Average a year (...and some Insights)

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RIVIAN (Private Equity Deal - Closed)

4.1X Multiple (MOIC)

This opportunity has been successfully exited through an IPO on 10 Nov 2021

Coinbase (Private Equity Deal - Closed)

3.8X Multiple (MOIC)

This opportunity has been successfully exited through an IPO on 14 April 2021

Coinbase IPO

Swiss Real Estate Deal (Closed)

18,9% returns per year

Bahnhofstraße 18, Zürich

Nubank (Pre-IPO, closed)

12% annualized return

IPO on 9th Dec 2021 and 6 months lock-up period, Co-Investment alongside with Warren Buffet and leading VCs

NU Bank
On Running

On Running (Pre-IPO, closed)

2,4X Multiple (MOIC)

This opportunity has been successfully exited through an IPO on 15 September 2021

"Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity."

— Albert Einstein

Imagine you're on the verge of making a decision that could fundamentally reshape your financial future. You've done your research on alternative investments, and you've seen the deal track record, but something's holding you back. Let's get real about what's at stake if you continue to hesitate.

In the immediate term, you're potentially facing a familiar set of challenges: stagnating access to amazing deals, uncertainty by putting 100% of your capital at risk, and the perpetual balancing act between risk and reward. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The longer you wait, the more you expose yourself to market volatility, missed investment opportunities, and, perhaps, even erosion of your hard-earned savings due to inflation.

Even worse, some of these setbacks could become irreversible. You could suffer significant losses from bad investments you could've avoided or miss out on a wealth-building opportunity that will never come again. The emotional toll? Immeasurable. The frustration of knowing you could've acted but didn't is a burden that could weigh on you indefinitely.

Now, it's important to note that alternative investments aren't a one-size-fits-all solution; we're transparent about that. Not every investment fits into a portfolio and personal expectations. And yes, we cannot predict the future as well. But within the range of risk-minimization, we aim to help as many investors as possible to benefit from the democratization into alternative investments.

So, the question you need to ask yourself is this: Do you want to keep standing on the sidelines, grappling with the same investing limitations? Or are you ready to take the chance to open up new horizons and lucrative add-ons to your portfolio? Time's ticking, and your future self is eager to know your decision.

Will it be one of regret or one of expanding access? The choice is yours.

Hello, I am Philipp Pagels.

Philipp Pagels Tenerife

A few years ago, I was just like many of you— caught interest in investing and started from scratch. I started aside from my engineering job in the German automobile industry. I stopped trusting other people to handle my money and took action myself.

So, I did. I jumped into the German real estate market with a mentor guiding me. This wasn't just about buying properties and building a portfolio but about discovering a new side of myself—the entrepreneur and investor in me. And I started meeting other business-minded people and making new connections globally, all while still working my engineering job. 

2020, I took the chance to join the global investor community around JT Foxx called "The Investors Networth". This opened up a completely new investing world like private-equity deals or Hollywood movies. But this environment gives me the chance for deep economic market insights from high-level investors and billionaires. And this was just the start... 

2021 was the year of change. The most significant: First, I left my engineering job behind to focus on alternative investments. Second I decided to leave Germany and move to Tenerife to merge business and life as well as possible.

Today, my global investor network but also my own passion project FairFlow allow me to open doors to some outstanding opportunities. 

Now, it wasn't all smooth sailing. I made mistakes and learned some hard lessons. But those experiences helped me create something I've dreamed of—a way to make money work for us, enjoy moments with loved ones, and share access inside my network.

That's why investing is important to me ...besides speaking day in and day out with exceptional entrepreneurial minds.