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Philip Pagels

If someone had predicted to me 5 years ago that I could live where I want, do what I want and not have to worry about money anymore... I would have smiled at him as a charlatan.

Today I live on the island of Tenerife, enjoy 365 days of sun, beach, do sports like beach volleyball and surfing. My money works for me and provides for my financial independence.

I would never have dreamed that not only tourists and pensioners spend their time here, but that I am currently building up a completely new life and business on the island.

Today I am surprised again and again by exciting people with interesting stories. People who increasingly live their passion and let money become a nice secondary matter.

My inner drive is to bring people a little further on their life journey. Interesting contacts... inside deals... and enjoying life together. See you. Preferably live, otherwise gladly in Zoom Call...

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