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Looking forward to meet you...

Get Access to Off-Market Deals with Minimized Risk like...


Do we meet online?

Mostly online meetings are the preferred format to catch up and get to know each other.

But I know how important meetings in person are. Might you have planned a vacation in Tenerife? Let me know to catch up and we will explore the island a bit together. That is going to be FUN :)

How long is the meeting supposed to go on?

The meeting will block 60min in the calendar, but let's keep it flexible.

Can I Reschedule or Cancel My Appointment?

Absolutely, nobody likes no-shows. You can reschedule or cancel the appointment at any time. 

How? Just click on the link in your confirmation email to make the changes. I hope it didn't end up in your spam-folder.

What Time Zones are Available for Scheduling?

You can choose your preferred time zone when scheduling your appointment. All available slots are automatically converted to your local time.

Do I Need to Download Any Software?
We use Gmeet for all our virtual meetings. You'll receive a meeting link in your confirmation email.

No downloads are necessary. Join the Meeting via your web browser. That's it.
What Will We Discuss During the Meeting?

Most importantly we get to know each other ;-) ...then we speak about market trends and how they affect different asset classes, compare involved risks, and how to strategically minimize risks. With all that we can find out, which deals would potentially fit and dive into.

No worries. There is no rush to decide anything. We encourage you to sleep over it. Fair Enough?

How Should I Prepare for the Meeting?

Come prepared with any questions or concerns you have about alternative investments and which asset class you are might be interested in most. That would help to focus the meeting on a specific angle.

But no worries, let's get to know each other first. No prep required ;-)

Is My Information Safe?

Absolutely. We adhere to strict data protection protocols to ensure your information is confidential and secure. No spam. Promise!

What Happens After the Appointment?

After the Deep Dive, you'll receive a follow-up email summarizing the points we discussed. This call is focused on get to know each other and is no sales call to force any decisions. I wouldn't like this either. Sounds fair?